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On January 9th at 8:43 on a chilly morning an email was sent from Little Rock to New York announcing that Ella’s Journey had just begun.  Ella was on her way to her future home in a crate in the back of the Puppy Bus…

“Ella’s on her way :0) She isn’t happy about her accommodations but it’s only for about 24 hours. I asked the drivers to take the cedar shavings out of her crate. I’m not sure if that was a good idea, but I thought there was pee in the bottom of the crate from another dog. Don’t say anything to them but I think the cedar shavings are like a litter box that didn’t get changed. There is a white towel with stripes. It’s hers from her foster so you might ask for it because it has her smell on it. It may help her to adjust. She did excellent in my kitchen last night. Just laid in one spot and slept. She kept sniffing me this morning, it was real cute. I think if you put her in her crate while you are at work, take her out and walk her for potty, then leave her loose in house while you’re home with doors closed, she will probably do well with that. It does take her a little time to relax to potty on leash but not too bad. She should get better. Ella has a ziplock bag with all her stuff in it. She you should be able to pick her up in the morning. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks again for adopting her. She is really coming along and doing well. She is walking really well on her leash now, even better than some other dogs who don’t have the same special needs that she has.”


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Ella’s Adventures

Ella is a Great Pyrenees Anatolian Shepherd who was rescued from the home where she was born and then summarily neglected.  Ella’s mother had been given away for free to a home where she was abandoned in a back yard without any contact, care, or love. Not surprisingly Ella’s mother had not been spayed so it wasn’t long before she had puppies with a Great Pyrenees who lived in the same yard. Sadly the father died from neglect. Only Ella and 2 of her sisters survived, and the rest of the litter soon died of neglect too.

Ella is a little shy because until they were taken in by a rescuer she and her sisters had never left their back yard. Ella had never been to the vet, and had never met a person other than her ‘owner’ who only showed up briefly to throw some food out for the girls to eat. We are not sure why, but probably due to oxygen starvation during birth, Ella has suffered a stroke. Ella was checked out thoroughly and her vet tells us that other than a permanent grin on her face, Ella has completely recovered and is doing just fine.

The young pups were living a life of social deprivation through no fault of their own, and eventually became suspicious and fearful of people and other dogs.

Eventually someone learned of the girls and their plight and negotiated with the owner to take them away. It was a difficult rescue, because the girls was fearful and scared as they were dragged from the only place they had known and put into crates and driven away. No time was lost in getting them to a vet for a complete evaluation. They have been spayed, given all their vaccinations including rabies, dewormed, and heartworm checked (all negative!) All Ella and her sisters needed was a new home and someone to love them and show them how to live a good life.

Ella’s mother was just as little shy as her pups, but she was soon adopted. She has already learned to trust and love her new family, and is doing well. After all they have been through Ella and her sisters deserved to have a good home and a family to love and protect. Most dogs who have been abused or neglected become very attached and bonded to a new home once they learn they are safe and loved, and Ella and her sisters deserved a chance for a good life.

One by one Ella’s sisters were adopted and left the foster home to start a new life, until eventually Ella was all on her own.  Day by day Ella was doing better, but she remained fearful and suspicious of people, and only a few very select people were allowed to get close to her.  Her fear of humans didn’t transfer to other dogs and puppies though, and Ella adored most other dogs who joined her in her yard.  Ella was especially fond of puppies.  Then one day a very special email arrived – addressed to Ella…

Ella’s story was just beginning… Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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It’s a dogs life!

Welcome to the DogsOnly.org WorldPress blog. the Blog is intended primarily for anyone who has an interest in the activities at DogsOnly and friends of DogsOnly Rescue and Rehome.

If, and that’s a huge ‘IF’, we have time we will periodically post to this blog with items of interest, news and views.

Those of you who are old friends and past or present volunteers are strongly encouraged to join in.

I feel a blog coming on…

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