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Hi There – A quick weekly update – Ella is doing SO WELL!  She has learned to shake, sit at the door when we go out so I can put her leash on, sit at the door when we come in so she can get her wet feet wiped and unhooked and will pretty much sit on command.  She’s still having a time with “come”, but that’s just lack of trust still, cause she’s so smart, she knows what it means, but if “I just lie here, she won’t take me away”.  As soon as she sees my long duster come out, she’s at the door ready to go, so I know she knows lots!  She’s still being picky about food, but found chunks and gravy canned (I know – said that wouldn’t happen, but she needed to get some grub in her) and that helps.  BUT, guess what she likes best of all?!?  Spaghetti.  2nd best is chili (I only make sweet chili, no spice) so, guess I’ll try diced tomatoes on her food next.  She doesn’t run for any of her food, but she actually came to my chair and tried to take the spaghetti away from me.  She’s had it 3 times and eats it instantly – the other stuff sits till she’s ready to eat.   She usually doesn’t come to me when I’m in the living room chair, but for Italian, she braved it!  She likes to come sit by me when I’m on the computer and has found that the back bathroom is the coolest, so has adopted that room as her hidey place.  She still sleeps in her crate most nights (her choice), but balks at it when I go to work.  My sis thought Ella should sleep on my bed, so since it’s one of those high ones, I lifted her up on it and she was OK till I drifted off and quit petting her, then I thought someone put a shaker on the bed – she was panting so hard, the whole bed shook and woke me up.  So I invited her to get down, she went and got a chewey (she loves the chicken ones) and got in her crate.  So we’ll say we tried, but I’m just as glad.  She has only had 2 accidents in her crate, but not really her fault  and goes where I told her her bathroom is in the side yard.  She rarely goes when we walk, but as long as she’s going in her “bathroom yard” (handy to a bank so I can keep it thrown over – she likes the “cookies” once they’re frozen and she really doesn’t have to eat that like animals did years ago).  All in all, I’d say she’s made smashing progress in 2 weeks, is still finding her way, and I’m totally in love withher.  She’s funny – bro’t the umbrella in and left it on the floor and she tried to steal it (she loves to take my clothes out of the dirty basket and lay on em – no destruction).  So I told her no, it was mine and she left it alone.  When she went in the bedroom, I opened it and set it back on floor.  When she came out and saw it, she started barking at it like a maniac.  I put it back down and let her smell it and she was ok, but when I opened it again, she wouldn’t even look at it.  What a nut!  All in all, I think she’s done smashing in 2 weeks, is still finding her way and I’m totally in love with her!  What a sweet nature she has.  Thanks again SO MUCH!


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